Coco Cavana Resort

About Us

  One of the most developed beaches in Batangas, Laiya specifically Hugom in the municipality of San Juan is not surprisingly one of the most visited places also because of its proximity to Manila. Its coast is lined with public and private resorts, offering tourists with more than enough choice of accommodations.

  Situated on one of the most stunning locations in San Juan, Batangas, Coco Cavana Resort is surrounded by tropical vegetation , incredible beaches, islands, and lagoons that spotted on some portion of Laiya town. Our goal is to share these natural wonders with you, and to ensure you experience the level or service, serenity and tranquility that you deserve. 

Our Mission

We aspire to be acknowledged regionally and accepted globally as one of the most efficient managed resort wherein our staff at both managerial and service levels consistently strive to deliver the highest of service standards at all times while fulfilling a remarkable experience with every guests that turns into family members.

Our Vision

We are unswervingly committed in the vision of providing and delivering outstanding services and experiences to new and returning guests by exceeding their expectations of what we can offer, by recognizing and acknowledging them as our family members and by ensuring fair and reasonable returns of amazing experience with nature, and by being responsible, conscientious, trustworthy, and dependable client servicer.



Among the standards, morals, ethics, ideals, and tenets of beliefs that we strive to uphold with our managerial and service staff, is for us to be relevantly compassionate to the modern system but active eco-minded as a nature lover, to build lasting rapport and relationships, to always provide variety of options, to experience all-inclusive activities, and to be responsible native in actions that can be approach by anyone.

Resort Policy


  1. Please use your full name for reservation. 
  2. We require 50% down payment to confirm booking. 
  3. Proof of payment for 50% down payment must be emailed to Coco Cavana Resort, then after we will send booking confirmation. 
  4. Walk in guest will pay cash, as we are not yet accepting any credit cards. 
  5. Down payment is refundable if the notice of cancellation is 1 week before the reserved date.
  6. Down payment is non- refundable if the notice of cancellation is 3days before the reserved date and for no shows.



  1. Overnight check-in time 2pm, check-out 11:30am the following day 
  2. Day tour check in 8am until 5pm only 
  3. Beach is open 5am, until 6pm only.